Existence Will Only Forget

by Gator King

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released August 8, 2016

Engineered/Mixed by Daniel Florez at Getaway Studios in Haverhill, MA in January/February 2016.
Mastered by Jay Maas and Daniel Florez.
Album Art by Ryan Carey/Cryptworm Design
CD Layout by Sean Mott
Additional vocals on Depression's Slaves by Dan McIntyre (Plague Wave, Swear to God, Revenge)
All music by GK, all lyrics by SZ.

Gator King is SM, RO, SS, JW, SZ.



all rights reserved


Gator King Southbridge, Massachusetts

Gator King.
Central Massachsetts Hardcore. established in 2010.

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Track Name: Depression's Slaves
We've been made to believe that debilitating pain is all our fault,
The rejection and heartache lead...
To an avoidant personality from adolescence spent in agony,
Cries for help are misinterpreted.

Stigmatize the burden you refuse.
Despite your effort, you simply cannot undo…
The damage done.

I feel utmost defeat
When I realize everyone I love, no longer,
Desires to live.
Nothing I could do ever seems to help my dearest lay to ease
Feelings of desperation long repressed.

Despite your effort, you simply can not undo.
The tendency to slash open old wounds.

Point the nails to my wrist, proceed to hammer away. I’m but a sacrifice...
Condemned to be a savior to depression's slaves, fighting to my death for people who can never be saved.

All that we love, we are denied.
All that we know, we leave behind.
Track Name: Burned Alive
You'll be torn limb from limb if you ever set foot in our domain again.
Family ties will not protect you from overdue consequence.

The time is short that you have to live, after all these years you've hid. You'll pay dearly for what you've done to my family.

You serve as much of a purpose to me, as a soldier to freedom in a time of peace. Desperate times call for drastic measures, from which you won't be spared.

I hope you bathe in gasoline, catch a spark and start over clean. Leave this world in a scorching blaze, screaming every word you wouldn't say to my face.

You beg to die, but we will show no mercy.

The bloodshed will be widespread, no matter how much you suffer it could never compare to the years spent wondering why I face life all alone.

If you weren't already dead, there'd be a blade from my hand through the side of your head.
If you weren't already dead you would be burned alive.
Track Name: No One Was Listening
Excessive social stimulation, plastic tribes and tribulations.
Pandering to expectations, self entitlement.
Pleas for absolution from responsibility, regurgitated idealisms don't impress me.

Collective thought or hive mentality?
Our chain will be dismantled by its weakest links.
Collective thought or hive mentality?
Suppressing voices of others only makes you weak.

What will those who've follow blindly be left to do? When the figures you've placed your faith in abandon you without any hesitation?
Accept responsibility for the absence of humility.
Accept the punishment for biting the hand that fed you in your infancy.

Brotherhood, camaraderie.
Togetherness is all fine and great.
But you'd give it all for a leg up on your brother,
the prospect of reward will turn you on one another.
When this takes place, nobody wins.
You can talk a hard game all you want.
But under the slightest bit of pressure
your facade crumbles and you so quickly change your tune.

Endless hunger for validation, unbending selfish fascination.
Self destructive nihilism openly gentrified by the powers that be, or so it would seem.
It’s all been played out over again, but no one was listening.
Track Name: Existence Will Only Forget
I sink into my pensive basin where fires are dulled by rain.
Burns have spread from my heart to my shoulders, disillusionment numbs the pain.
Auditory and olfactory sensations remind me of what was, but is no longer real.

Every shred of existence forms a relationship with time.
Chaotic visions perpetuate where every living being dies.
You and I and every detail of our lives are arbitrary, insignificant.
I'll remember for as long as I live, but existence will only forget.